Welcome to the Rebel Soul Circle

This is the official gathering place for those who are ready to walk their path and answer their deeper calling. This is the space for YOU if you’re craving a deeper connection with courage, intuition, and Spirit, so you can be more of the person you’re here to be!

You’re craving more alignment with your path and soul’s work

But, aren’t really sure about

  • How to move past fear and self-doubt,
  • How to take the leap to live in alignment with purpose,
  • Where to start or what alignment entails,
  • How to share your gifts and show up being completely yourself, or
  • How to tap into or fully trust your spiritual guidance and intuition

And, I’m almost 100% certain that…

The two big things getting in your way are fear and lack of clarity. I know this from aligning women with their courage and inner knowing since 2006 and from a few hard knocks (aka: wake up calls from the Universe) myself! I know where you are and what that feels like. Here’s how you can get the ball rolling…

At the core, you want to come out of hiding, shine your light to serve others, and enjoy life!

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What you truly desire is to

Trust your inner knowing and guidance

Heal, lead, and serve others as well as yourself

Gain clarity about how to connect with your path and with Spirit

Live courageously and authentically in alignment with your Divine path


Live a beautiful, meaningful life on your terms while doing the Divine work you’re here to do.

But, for that to happen…

For you to live your purpose and embrace who you’re here to be, you have to rebel against the part of you that’s keeping you and your gifts hidden.

Hi, I’m Michelle Schroer (M.Ed), Spirit Guide Messenger and Mentor. Using group programs and intuitive reading, I help women walk their path and answer their deeper calling! By clarifying their own path and connecting with their intuition (and spiritual guidance) more deeply, they’re able to share their gifts more courageously and embrace who they’re truly here to be!

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